Lazy juggler loves games, especially board and card games not normally found on the high street. Back when I was growing up Monopoly or something similar would be played and I didn't really like playing at all. It was clear quite early on in the game who was going to win and it would drag on to its inevitable conclusion. I then got introduced to Carcassonne, Settlers, SET, Ricochet Robots and other quite unusual and fun games. Roll forward a few more years and I decided to start my own company. I have good visual memory and would pick up how to play games very easily, mixed in with my love of teaching them I concentrate on introducing them to as many people as possible.


Specialising in longer events, I caterer for guests that may be there not by choice, are there for friends, families or other reasons. I have a small chill out area with cushions that enable events to be a little bit brighter.

Lazy Juggler has a growing board game library, for demonstrating and teaching the games. I teach games and provide the following types of workshop:

  • Educational for primary schools
  • Cooperative workshops for helping to make stronger teams
  • Mathematical University workshops - looking into the detailed structure of the games and how the mathematics within them work
  • Board game clubs
  • Scouts, Cubs and other groups

For more information on any of the groups please contact Ron.


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